Sam Brownback for President

I have often claimed frustration with typical Republican candidates. I have seen positive attributes in Democrats that have been missing in Republicans but the Democrat's position on abortion, among other things, has caused me to stop short of siding with them. In many ways I've found myself to be a person without a party. Sam Brownback is a local politician who announced his candidacy for President today. I don't know Brownback other the what I've heard or read, but he is intriguing to me. He maintains typical moral positions that are vital to Republican success such as opposition to abortion, protection of marriage, etc. What makes him most interesting to me, however, is his willingness to depart from the status quo in his own party. Brownback has publicly opposed President Bush's call for more troops in Iraq, he has voiced great concern over the scourge in Darfur, Sudan - even to the point of removing his family's money from the region. He has made strides towards protecting the economy by putting support behind the effort to stem global warming, and possibly most intriguing is his method of being vocal, ! yet not overbearing, about the way that his faith colors his thought process.

I'm not throwing my support behind Brownback today, I'm not claiming that I will vote for him either. I do, however, find him to be a strong possibility that is more appealing to me than any other candidate and I look forward to hearing more about him.

Below is the video his campaign has put together to introduce him and his candidacy. I would encourage you to watch and consider him.

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