Romans 15:20

If you read it, it will help you to understand what I believe my call is. I don't know whether that will mean North American missions or International Missions yet but I know it means missions to unreached peoples. In continuing that thought, I'm constantly giving thought to where we might go once school is finished. I've recently considered Eastern Europe, Portland, Honolulu among others - I think most of you know that I have a fairly hyperactive imagination :-) - but recently I've been really thinking about Thailand. It fits a few categories that I've mandated of myself for a future location: - It's very unreached( less than 2% of the country is evangelical) - It's population of missionaries to Thai's is also very dramatic, particularly in the North

It also fits into a number of areas that I would prefer to have: - It's a beautiful country - It has multiple urban areas with trustworthy medical facilities - Its got great weather

So, we'll see. In reality I understand that I will probably change my mind twice more before this year is out, let alone by the time I graduate, but it's nice to consider anyway!

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