RCWD I have not utilized advertisements of any kind on this website before so I wanted to take a moment to explain the banner at the top of my website in the case that anyone might ever accuse me of trying to use this blog to generate profit. I'll allay any questions by saying unequivocally that I AM trying to generate financial revenue. Now, that's not why I blog, but I am hoping to create revenue with my blog. Before you shoot me, however, let me explain.

I am not selling advertising space, in fact I get no revenue by hosting that banner, or any other banner for that matter. What I have done, however, is join with Cory Miller of (who I've known for a couple years now) to design and deploy low-cost professional websites with a mind towards aiding churches in that effort. The websites are intentionally much more cost effective than the vast majority that are available online. I will be working with him as a designer and so the banner above is not paid advertising but is, in essence, advertising my services.

The end result I am hoping to achieve is to help build a business that allows me to generate enough revenue that someday I may be able to spend one day a week (or so) focusing on that end of things, and then give all the rest of my time to my church. In essence I would be able to become much closer to that of a full-time pastor. Right now I am working 40-50 hours a week in a secular job which is a great job and works with me in regards to ministry demands but which is a job that is aware that I am not striving to "make it big" in our field.

So, if you ask about my intentions with the banner on top of the site I'll be upfront that I'm trying to generate revenue. If you are wondering as to my motives to that end, however, I'll be clear that I'm not doing so to make life easy for me but rather to better serve my church - which I hope gives you confidence that I'm not simply trying to blog to turn a profit. Thanks for understanding. :-)

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