Over the past few weeks I've recieved a new book and a new cd and it's time to offer my reviews, for whatever they are worth :-). VINTAGE JESUS :: by Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears

vintagejesus.jpgAbout a week ago I received my copy of Vintage Jesus, the newest book offered by Mark Driscoll, from the kind folks over at Crossway Books. I've read all of Driscoll's previous works, and have enjoyed them, and I've made no secret of the fact that I appreciate Driscoll's ministry. I was curious, however, to see if this book would stand up to some of the impressive reviews that I've been reading. I'll have to admit that I was not disappointed.

In comparison to Driscoll's first two books, Vintage Jesus was written in a manner that reflected a much more mature Driscoll than the man who wrote those earlier books. In a sense, it seems to me, these books reflect the very public maturation process that we've seen Driscoll go through. Vintage Jesus is much more of a theological treatise than is any of Driscoll's other books. What makes it most appealing, however, is Driscoll's ability to take a deeply theological topics, like the virgin birth, the atonement, the resurrection and other aspects of Jesus' life, and communicate them in a way that is easy for the theological novice to understand. While Driscoll offers his usual biblical teaching laced with sarcastic humor, which occasionally detracts from the topic, but can also offer great insight into the person of Jesus, I think the reader will find themselves drawn in and asking for more.

All things considered, this isn't a book without flaws, it is certainly one worth reading. I would consider encouraging your teenagers to read it. I think they'll not only enjoy it, I think they'll also learn much about Jesus through this book.

It gets two thumbs up!


HERE I GO :: Carl Cartee


This past week I received my copy of Carl Cartee's newest cd, Here I go, in the mail thanks to the generous folks over at his management company, Blair Artist Management. If you'll remember, just a couple of weeks ago I shared about finding Cartee's music for the first time and I shared the video of "Glorious Impossible". This new cd features that fantastic song, but also features a number of other songs that, much to my enjoyment, more than meet the level of excellence that Glorious Impossible set as the standard.

Whether it be "The Sound", "Honestly", "Trust in You" or my favorite, "Don't let me miss the glory" this album is fantastic. As I listened to the album I was constantly impressed by the vocal and production quality, the incredibly good musical content and most of all, what really gets me excited, the vocal content. In fact, as I was listening to it in my car I had to call Tracy and tell her how excited I was about it. All of the quality made even more sense when I noticed that the whole effort was produced by Nathan Nockels, who has helped shape some of the best music out there today.

If you have not heard Cartee yet, I would strongly encourage you to run over to his website and pick up this cd. I am really enojying it!

Boy, I must just be in a generous mood tonight but I've got to give this two thumbs up as well!