Resting on the lake

Well, we have arrived at the beautiful Tan-Tar-A Resort in southern Missouri for the annual meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention, or as some MBC have been overheard to refer to it, "The Quake at the Lake." :-)Although the trip is an important one and I'm looking forward to the business portions of the meeting, I'm also very excited that my wife has come along with me and we left the kids behind. This should hopefully be an enjoyable, restful experience, as well as a profitable one. Some things I'm particularly looking forward to this week.

  • The elections for officers of the MBC. Will the candidates who have long had ties to the MBLA win or will the new SOC candidates win? I'm unsure though I know who I hope wins.
  • Getting to know the guys from St. Louis. I've been friends for a while with Darren Casper and I just met Darren Patrick a few moments ago and I'm looking forward to getting to know these guys better over the next couple of days.
  • Conversations about the future of the MBC. Guys like David Krueger share my desire to see significant changes made to the MBC and its structure. I'm looking forward to fleshing out some of those recommendations this week.
  • Resolution time. Together with Rob Ayers I will be submitting a resolution calling for peace among political factions and the dissolution of political bodies in MBC life. We'll see if it makes it out of committee. :-)
  • Seeing in person so many of the people I've dialogued with online. Many should be here and it should be enjoyable to interact with them.
  • Spending time with Tracy. This is #1 in priority.