Reflections on the Presidential election

As I have been reflecting on the election of Gerald Davidson I have been asked whether that election accurately reflects the temperature of the convention concerning whether the convention is going to tend towards the side of the Save Our Convention group over and above the strategies of the Missouri Baptist Laymen's Association. After thinking through it, I am unconvinced that it at all reflects the temperature of the convention. While it may, it also may simply reflect the name recognition of Davidson against the relative unknown quality of Mike Green. The true test of philosophical viewpoints will be during the next election, I am convinced, as well known MBC pastor Jay Scribner (who is typically assumed to be on the side of the MBLA candidates) is placed in nomination against Bruce McCoy who is currently the Vice President and who is part of the SOC slate of candidates. If McCoy wins reelection it can probably be assumed that the philosophical position of the SOC has taken the day. We will have to wait and see. ;-)