Quick Hits :: Episode 1

  • I ate at Taco Bueno today for the first time and was very impressed. That's gotta be the best fast food, Mexican style, that I've had yet. I can't wait for St. Joe to get one.
  • We had to buy new appliances today for our new home, and although I've been there many times, I was once again blown away by the immensity of Nebraska Furniture Mart. That thing is bigger than my hometown. Good grief! It's ridiculous. We did save a ton of money on three appliances, though. :-)
  • Speaking of our new house, we are getting ready to move this coming Friday and although this is my 27th move (and unfortunately that's not a joke) I'm reminded how much I despise moving. I pray that this move is my last for a long time.
  • I watched Tim Tebow and his band of Gators methodically march to victory today. It was sweet to see us get back on track.
  • In the midst of packing and preparing to move I'm also getting ready to leave on Monday morning (at 5am mind you) for a quick two day trip to Madison, WI to look at a possible missions partnership. I desperately need the time to get ready to move, but I'm looking forward to spending time with Mark the fantastic church planters in the Central Baptist Association. They are a fantastic group of guys!
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