Quake on the Lake :: Part Final

Well, as I conclude my thoughts about the MBC I want to provide a few quick hits specifically detailing my perception of the events of the past few days. I would also like to clarify my points. I hope this provides a well processed conclusion to the last few articles.

  • First and foremost I need to clarify that I am grateful to God for the leadership of Dr. Tolliver, among others. I am not unconvinced that his statements that I previously referenced were unnecessarily divisive, but that does not mean that I am not thankful for his leadership. I sincerely appreciate his heart for repentance and am grateful for the call to prayer that he offered as well on Monday night. We may disagree on a few issues but our partnership for the gospel with those whom we disagree on minor issues is one of the wonderful aspects of being a Missouri Baptist as well as a Southern Baptist.
  • Getting to meet Darrin Patrick was a much more exciting experience than I imagined it would be. I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of guys who are very succesful in ministry and who lead fast growing churches, many of which are considered mega-churches and I have never met a Pastor more congenial and laid back as was Patrick. Beyond that what most impressed me, however, was his intense interest in the lives of young pastors/church planters. The way in which he attempted to interact with as many guys in a room as possible rather than waiting for them to come to him is almost unprecedented in my experience with successful Baptist pastors. I'm looking forward to getting to know Darrin more.
  • Those affiliated with SOC won a major victory this week. As I previously mentioned, I was unconvinced that the initial election was because of issues rather than personalities and even after the rest of the elections, I am still not absolutely convinced that that is any more true, although I am much more so than I was before, but in reality it does not matter whether the end result was driven by personalities or issues, really. The fact remains that SOC candidates swept the elections by considerable margins and as such will be incredibly influential in the nomination process over the coming year. Although I never jumped on board completely with the SOC affiliation I am sympathetic to their concerns and would lean more heavily in their direction, particularly as opposed to that of the MBLA side of things. As such I believe the election results are positive developments in MBC life.
  • God has blessed me with some wonderful friendships in MBC life. I am incredibly grateful for guys like Darren Casper, Tom Willoughby, Tim Cowin and others who continue to encourage me and help me to believe that there is a great future in partnership missions between Missouri Baptist churches.
  • Well, now that the meeting is over it's time for me to quit paying attention to it that much and pour all my time/energy into a much better opportunity - that is my church!