Quake on the Lake :: Part 4

Well, Tuesday is in the books and I write this in the early hours of Wednesday wondering what will be coming today. You know, there are times when I wonder if the MBC can continue to be a viable organization with the fighting and the lack of unity that is unfortunately rampant in our midst. Then I get the chance, like I did this evening, to spend the evening with phenomenal guys who are pastoring or church planting and who share a great passion for communicating the gospel in Missouri and seeing the Kingdom grow and I am encouraged again. Having said that, here are some quick thoughts as I wrap up the day and head to bed.

  • Missouri has some incredible guys in the church planting and student ministries departments. I have really enjoyed my time with guys like Rick Biesiadecki, Lyle Witcher and Matt Kearns. Missouri is in good hands with these guys leading the charge. Now if Matt would lose the Cardinal infatuation, life would be even better. ;-)
  • I watched Roger Moran and Darrin Patrick have two separate conversations today without anyone raising their voice. :-) What's even better is that I have heard a rumor that Moran and Patrick have agreed to a public debate on the topic of the Emerging Church. I would encourage everyone to watch and see concerning that front. I am hopeful that "official" news will be released soon.
  • I met Kent Cochran today. Holy cow he's tall and that's saying something coming from me.
  • I enjoyed a conversation with Brian Baker. Although Brian and I have publicly disagreed more than a few times, I am reminded that our differences are far outweighed by our similarities and our shared commitment to seeing the gospel spread. It's funny how that seems to be a common theme that I keep experiencing across the convention. I'm hopeful that others will realize it as well and put the swords down.
  • I believe that I will be disappointed tomorrow at resolution time regarding the resolution I submitted.
  • I am tired and I'll try to see everyone tomorrow. I probably won't be able to blog tomorrow until maybe in the evening. I'm checking out in the morning and my internet usage will be completed. Once I get home, however, we've got to set up our new house, which includes internet/modem/wireless connection, etc. As such it could be a while.