Presidential politics….

The election is coming and I haven't chimed in about it yet. I guess I need to add some commentary to this experience don't I? I'll have to admit that I'm not horribly enthused about either candidate. George W. Bush is certainly to be commended because at least we have no doubt where he stands on the issues. His viewpoint on abortion and homosexual marraige will madate that he receive's my vote regardless of his stand on other issues. John Kerry seems to me to be far to "Big Government" not to mention his seeming inability to maintain any one position on a topic other than to continue saying that "George W. is bad!" I absolutely do not like Dick Cheney but my dislike for him is surpassed only by my dislike for John Edwards. Anyone who has the audacity to claim that "frivolous lawsuits" against the medical profession are the problem with insurance today when they themselves made their fortune off of suing doctors is an example of blatant hypocrisy and I cannot in good conscience stomach it! All in all I'm somewhat dissapointed in my options. I am thankful for George W. but I am saddened by Cheney. I'll vote for them anyway but with some reservations.

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