Praying for Lewis & Clark

lcbc.jpgThis week [Wednesday through Saturday] I am preaching a revival at Lewis & Clark Baptist Church which is between St. Joseph and Kansas City. LCBC is a small rural church that has had some rough times recently but they have a strong desire to reach their community under their new pastor, Roger Howe. One of the more important facts about LCBC is that they are the closest Southern Baptist church to Atchison, KS which happens to be one of the largest unreached areas in this part of the state. They are located in a premium location to make a tremendous Kingdom impact in the Atchison area. Long ago God gave me a heart for the small church and I know about the unique concerns that they face. Like other smaller churches LCBC is facing some of those concerns, but I am convinced that God is going to use them in unique was, as well, to make a Kingdom impact in their community. I'm hoping that I can help them a bit this week and that we can find ways to continue to encourage their efforts as they attempt to reach their community. If you have an opportunity this week, please spend a moment or two praying for LCBC and pray that God would use them to effectively communicate the gospel in their community and they would see great fruit for the gospel.