Pray for Tracy!

Micah called me and asked that I post a request for all of you to pray for Tracy. Despite medication, her pneumonia has worsened since being diagnosed yesterday, and it appears she will need to be admitted to the hospital. I would add to his request that you pray for Micah and the girls as well... this is not easy on any of them.

God bless, John Stickley


Tracy and I just arrived home from the hospital. We are a bit confused, and a little upset, but they sent us home with the fourth different antibiotic treatment that she's had just this week. In our humanness we are struggling with the doctor's decision. Tracy is now going on her 12th day being sick and we are longing for resolution. Having said that, we also recognize that God's sovereignty rings true during this time and we are trusting that He is superintending this situation and we look to Him for comfort and resolution.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Tracy continues to need them.

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