Pray for St. Joseph

Well, we continue to press on here in St. Joseph. We have experienced incredible problems as ice has coated our city. In fact, the death total now stands at 24 throughout the Midwest because of this storm. I am currently going on 48 hours without power. We cleaned the water out of our basement and seems we missed damage because of it. In order to get to my house, however, we drove over and around trees, lines down in the street and cars stranded. Parts of our town look like a tornado has gone through it. We have heard this morning that it could be 5-7 days until power is fully restored to our city. The Today Show, on NBC, reported live from our struggling city today. I've posted some pictures below as well as the link to the Today Show video below. Part of the video you will see is actually only about 2 blocks from my home. Please continue to pray for our city.  Click Here