Point - Counterpoint :: Baptists, Baptism and Calvinism

In keeping with Baptist's historical love of invigorating dialogue, Drs. Steve Lemke (of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) and Mark Rathel (my former Theology prof. from The Baptist College of Florida) prove to be both more than capable historians and extremely competent theologians in this example of "Point - Counterpoint" that they engaged in over at the website for The Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry. Dr. Rathel, I think, does a fabulous job of pointing out the strengths of Lemke's position while maintaining enough distance from Lemke to be able to adequately refute the fallacious positions that Lemke posits. His arguments concerning both historical Calvinism as well as biblical baptism are particularly worth the read. I would recommend that you check it out. Read Lemke's article here.

Read Rathel's response here.