Podcast with Dr. Stetzer

Thom RanierBrad WagonnerEd Stetzer The guys over at LifeWay, and more specifically LifeWay Research, recorded a pocast this past Friday with Drs. Ranier, Wagonner and Stetzer , the former being the head of LifeWay Research. It was released this morning. The podcast lasts approximately 30 minutes but is worth your time to listen to it. LifeWay was gracious enough to reach out to a few bloggers for input as to the content of some of the questions and there seems to be a genuine recognition from them that bloggers have value which is obviously exciting to me! Their Media Relations Managers, Chris Turner, solicited our questions and he shares with me that all three doctors were excited and receptive to the questions. It's nice to see the folks over at LifeWay taking an interest in the blogging community.

Below you will find the podcast audio file as well as the actual press release from LifeWay that accompanies the podcast. I hope it's encouraging to you.


Download the audio file here or here.

Download the press release here .