Please pray for Raymond


I am struggling to sleep tonight. I just got word that a very good friend of mine, the man who was my translator and language teacher when Tracy and I lived in Africa, was in a motorcycle wreck this past Sunday while traveling to a village to lead a worship service and is now in a coma in a hospital in Tamala, Ghana. Raymond is a wonderful man who is married and has 5 children. He is also a pastor in the Methodist church in Ghana. I love Raymond, and his wife Vida, very much and would really appreciate your prayers for him that God would preserve his life and give Raymond many more years of service to the church. Below is the note that Sue, an American who is working as a missionary in Ghana, wrote concerning Raymond's accident and status.

I was told yesterday that Rev. Raymond Dery, my former Dagaare teacher, was in a motorcycle accident in /near Tamale on Sunday. He went to lead worship and to preach. While he was at the church, one of the villages he drives through built their own traffic/speed bump. Dery didn’t realize it was there, went over it and flipped his motorcycle. He was taken to Tamale teaching hospital and has been in a coma ever since. I spoke with Rev. Job in Kumasi (they are relatives) and he said Dery is a little better than he was on Sunday. One of the medications that is needed for Dery could only be found in Accra, so some is being sent to Tamale. Please keep him in your prayers.( He has a wife and five children, one of the children has special needs.)

*The picture posted above was a picture that we took while in a village meeting with Raymond during our time as missionaries in Burkina Faso.