Picks for a new week….

Let's try this once again!

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh - Bengals (Roethlisberger vs. Palmer Part 1)

Indianapolis at Jacksonville - Colts (Even the Jaguars can't stop this offense, and even the Colts can stop this offense)

New England at Buffalo - Patriots (It's gonna be a while before this train is derailed)

N.Y. Giants at Green Bay - Packers (The Pack won't lose two in a row at home)

Oakland at Houston - Texans (David Carr finally gets to cut his hair.........if his wife will let him)

Philadelphia at Chicago - Eagles (The newly diminished Bears can't hold a candle to the studly Eagles)

Washington at Cleveland - Redskins (Joe Gibbs rams Clinton Portis down the Browns' throat)

Atlanta at Carolina - Panthers (A little unsure about this one, the 4-3 defense of the Falcons may keep Delhomme on his back all game, this could spell doom for the Panther's)

New Orleans at Arizona - Cardinals (Arizona is the best team that nobody likes and New Orleans WILL trip over their own feet)

Denver at Tampa Bay - Broncos (Lynch is relishing the opportunity!)

N.Y. Jets at Miami - Jets (Curtis Martin applies the Ben-Gay and runs all over the Dolphins, who may be lucky to win 1 game all year)

Tennessee at San Diego - Titans (Even with Volek starting the Titans will pull this one out)

St. Louis at San Francisco - Rams (The only thing going for the Rams in this game is the 49ers ineptitude)

Kansas City at Baltimore - Ravens (KC cannot find success at Baltimore on Monday night, it's becoming a nightmare in Kansas City!)

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