Passion = Purpose = Prosperity

Passion is a funny thing. Without it, we wander around our little "worlds" viewing everything through hues of grey. Without passion life becomes hum-drum; just another so-so kind of day. With passion, however, comes vitality and life. Not just life in the sense of accomplishing the minimal task of breathing through a day, but life in the sense of "just got off the Free Fall at Six Flags and my heart is my throat" kind of life. What's most funny about passion, I think, is that there are no material markers of passion in a life. In other words, your fabulous wealth could have all the excitment of a half empty can of tuna, if you don't have passion. Conversely, regardless of your poverty, passion can translate what others would see as a mundane life into something that Time, Newsweek and even the New York Times want to write about. I thought alot about passion this week. As I was thinking about passion, it occured to me that I had lost sight of what God has given to me, in forms of personality, giftedness, experience and heart-response that all adds up to my passion. My dad asked the question of me, "Micah, what is your passion?" It really made me think. There was a time when I could articulate my passion in less than 20 seconds, but I realized last week that in all the clutter of day-to-day life, the passion of my life has been clouded, and I had a hard time verbalizing my passion. This caused me no small amount of frustration because I understand, only too well, the equation that passion = purpose = prosperity. Let me explain, and then I'll finish my story.

I'm convinced that passion is necessary, not for life to be lived, but for life to really be experienced. For life to be authentically loved, for you to be satisfied, you must understand your passion. Once you understand your passion, that identified passion will help to narrow down your purpose for your life. I am convinced that most people are living purposeless lives because they've never adequately identified their passion. So, if you understand your passion, and you identify your purpose, you will find yourself working in the most opportune place for you to expreience prosperity. Now, by prosperity I certainly do not mean the Creflo Dollar kind. What I mean is the authentic dictionary definition of prosperity kind. "a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune" The kind of prosperity that gives you the chance to sit back at the end of your life and say that y! ou lived a life worth living.

Having explained all of that, I can promise you that I spend some time this week contemplating passion. It was important for me to be able to sit down tonight and carefully, and succinctly, communicate my passion to you. So, without further ado, my passion is, "To communicate God's word in a way that is both accurate and yet contemporary in order that the truth of scripture can be easily understood." In a nutshell, God has called me to be a communicator (teacher, preacher, etc.) of His word. I often have said I'd rather speak the truths of God's word than spend the day at Six Flags (and man do I love Six Flags), and it's true. God has given me this passion and it defines every bit of who I am and what my future holds.

So there's my transparency for the day. What about you? What is your passion?

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