Our story...in pictures

For Valentine's Day this year my Mother in Law sent Tracy and me a great gift! She went back through her pictures and pulled out a variety from the time that Tracy and I first met, over 10 years ago, to now. She put them all together in a photo album for us. I've really enjoyed spending some time looking back through the pics. The pictures are a blast to reminisce over, although most of them tend to be a bit embarassing as well. :-) I'm not generally known as the coolest kid on the block. Anyway, I loved the album so much that I scanned all the pics into the computer tonight and converted them into a digital photo album. Most of you probably couldn't care less, but in case you are interested, you can see it for yourself by going to www.friesville.net/photo. I plan to update it as the year's go by. I figure it will be a nice piece for Tracy and I to enjoy and for our girls to look back on.