Only the lonely

Every year, usually in October, Tracy and Grace take a 2-3 week trip back home to Graceville/Dothan. They spend a little time with my mom and dad and a little time with her parents. This morning at 9am I took them to the airport so that they could "Fly the Friendly Skies" and I left pretty bummed out. I love that they get to spend time with our families, especially since we live so far apart, but it is tough for me. I'm really pitiful when I'm by myself. I don't really like it at all! But, I love my wife and I love my family and the fact that this is really important to them makes it worth it to me, that and the feeling I get when I get to see them again is pretty unbeatable! Tracy, I hope you and Grace have a blast over the next couple of weeks! I love you babe!

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