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The Baptist College of Florida I am a big fan of my alma mater, The Baptist College of Florida. I am extremely proud, and thankful, for the education I received from BCF. I have found my time at seminary to almost be redundant thanks to the diligence, and excellence, of the faculty at BCF.

I've always been thankful for BCF niche as a leader in undergraduate ministry education. I've also consistently been disappointed with the lack or worship leadership training by educational institutions in the area of contemporary worship.

As a result of all of that I am excited to hear about BCF's new music degree, a B.A. in Contemporary Worship. This speaks to their desire to be proactive in offering quality education, at an affordable cost, that works diligently to meet the ministry needs of our current context.

If you have a student, looking for a college, and interested in ministry they should really consider BCF. Not only is it a stellar educational opportunity for those interested in ministry, it's also one of the most inexpensive colleges in the country. I highly recommend it.

Culture, Ministry, WorshipMicah Fries