Not answers, but theology

I was listening this afternoon, to a radio broadcast when I heard a program with a gentleman speaking who offered a tremendous quote. Unfortunately, as I was only in my car for a few minutes I am unsure as to the program or the speaker. The quote, however, I am quite sure of. The speaker was asked the age-old question in regards to "Why bad things happen to good people" or even more pointedly, "Why do bad things happen to God's people?" While I am constantly frustrated by the pat evangelical answers that God is only halfway in control of the universe; answers which really don't provide any answer, or hope, at all - this answer was different. The speaker started by saying that ultimately we cannot know why they happen. He explained that they happen within the providence of God which is regularly beyond our purview. Then he went on to provide the million dollar quote when he said, "God doesn't provide answers, He provides theology." Wow. What a statement. He went on to elaborate that God doesn't provide answers to every situation but He does provide theology which comforts and guides us through the situations. He shared how we can examine scripture and see that God controls the wind and the waves as well as the truth that God is in control of even the most frightening of situations. We can also take comfort as we think about God's greatness and sovereignty that God loves His children and takes delight in them. I hope this quote, and the philosophy behind the quote, encourage you as greatly as they have encouraged me this evening.