No Nobel Prize for me

Well, just because I'm a bit of a geek, I like to mess around with online tests every once in a while. Just for kicks I took an online IQ test today [found here] and then tried to judge my score. I found this site which uses Lewis Terman's scoring system to help explain IQ scores. I found out that I'm not likely to win  Nobel Peace prize anytime soon :-) but it was fun to mess around with it just a bit. Even more fun is to compare your score with famous people through history. [you can do that by clicking here] If the test I took is accurate, I'm smarter than Abraham Lincoln and Al Gore but I'm not quite up to the level of Bill Clinton, Madonna or Geena Davis (yikes!). Oh well, it's good to know that God can work with us where we are, right? ;-)

So, if you've got a few minutes and you want to have some fun, here's your chance.

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