Must Read :: Timmy Brister

Timmy Brister is one of the few young SBC guys out there who challenges me every time I read his material. I may not always agree with every word, but he is thoughtful, articulate and his writing is always razor sharp, cutting right through to the point. Timmy has just written an article on a topic that is close to my heart. I am significantly unhappy with much of how we mishandle handle Cooperative Program funds in SBC life. I particularly dislike the disproportionate amount that our state conventions hold back for themselves, as well as the duplication of resources that has become too prevalent in our convention's life. Beyond everything else he has said, Timmy is one of the few that I have found in SBC life that believes that the state convention may have outlived its usefulness, at least in its current mode of operation. It is a courageous thought to express, and as I've said, it's one that few are speaking about. Timmy has my congratulations for doing so. So, I would strongly recommend that you read Timmy's article. It is excellent material. To read it, click here.