Missional vs. Missionary?

Intelligent, and intuitive blogger, Josh King, aka Jowiki, asked an interesting question lately. His question was:

How would you define a missional church? Does missional equal biblical?

In thinking about the answer I gave him the following thoughts.

I would say that in my experience being Emergent, or more broadly speaking, Emerging, is limited to a subset within Christianity, particularly as it is reflected in postmoderns. Missional, on the other hand, can be experienced in any church using almost any methodology in any context.

In my opinion, missional is, as Ed Stetzer puts is, the adjectival use of the mission of God. I think the major difference between being missional and having a missions heart/mindset is that one is about being (missional) and the other is about doing.

As I think more about this answer, I am thankful for the renewed emphasis on being missional over and above simply being a missionary. We must recognize that we have missed the boat, in many ways, through the years as we have encouraged others to "be missionaries" or to "do missions". In fact, if we are authentic believers, we cannot help but be missional in our orientation as it has been integrated into our spiritual dna. We are no longer individuals who have a "Jesus corner" of our lives, we are not people who occasionally work up the nerve to "do missions" but rather we are recreated children of God who, according to the scriptural record, have been remade to be like Christ. That kind of being bleeds into every corner of our doing. As we grasp and teach that kind of biblical truth we will be awed at what God does in and through us.