Minority Report?

PPL survey The disagreements over Private Prayer Language, the gift of tongues, and charismatica in general have consumed much of the dialogue between SBC folks for the past 18 months. I have clearly stated my opinion that the place of a PPL in the life of the convention is one that should simply be left alone as a general rule, particularly in reference to policies and procedures. I simply don't think that this is an issue that is big enough, or important enough, to derail cooperation within SBC life. On the heels of this conversation, however, comes what I believe to be a very significant piece of research from LifeWay Research in which they surveyed SBC pastors to gauge their belief in regards to Private Prayer Language. Surprisingly enough (at least to me) half of all SBC pastors believe in the existence of PPL. This is startling news, in my opinion, as we prepare for the convention in a couple of weeks.