favicon.gif I'm sure you've noticed by now, aside from those who read through a feed reader, but by viewing my header you should have seen a slight change concerning my blog. For the purpose of branding and in the hopes of driving more traffic to my site, I have decided to change my blog title from friesville to micahfries.com. friesville has always been the name that we've given to our family website as a sort of play on words. friesville has become our little "town" on the web, if you will. It will continue to remain located at friesville.net. Remembering, and communicating, the blog, however, has simply been more difficult than it should be. As such, since I have owned the micahfries.com url for some time now, I've chosen to rebrand my blog as micahfries.com. If you have linked to me and you have done so using the friesville.net/blog address, you won't have to change anything unless you choose to. That link will ! still work, but you will notice from now on that I will use micahfries.com as my title as opposed to friesville.

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