Man what a day!

What an amazing Easter service (or couple of services as it were)! Our music is always dynamic but Chad and the Worship Team really outdid themselves this weekend. The choir special was particularly powerful. I also really enjoyed having baptism in the 2nd service. It was special, I thought, to see a visual reminder of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus on the day in which we celebrate His resurrection! Although worship is generally one of my favorite things to be a part of, it seemed so much more vivid this morning, to me at least, as we worshipped together and thought intentionally of the resurrection and the life that was purchased for us on the cross. The second service was also a bit of a challenge. It really seemed like spiritual warfare was at work when our cameras quit working halfway through the message and then my voice went out and I got a killer headache partway through the service. The message of forgiveness that can be found at the foot of the cross seemed to be one which Satan wanted silenced, but thankfully we serve a risen Savior who has conquered Satan and sin!

It was very exciting to see all the people that were with us today. Both services were almost completely full and, in what I think is an incredible blessing, we surpassed 1,000 in attendance for the first time ever at Frederick Boulevard! Wow! I can't tell you how excited I am as I watch what God is doing among our church. It is a lot fun to be a part of this. It's also humbling, to be honest with you, to think about God's sovereignty as He blesses us in spite of our shortcomings. God grace is so good. :-)

After the service the Fries family took off for the metropolis of DeKalb, MO (pop. 250) and enjoyed hanging out with Tracy's family for the day. It was nice to take an afternoon off and relax with family this afternoon. We took a picture of my girls that I thought was very good. I posted it below.


All in all it has been a good Easter. What a privilege we have to worship the resurrection of our Savior! I hope your day was blessed as well.