Mad skillzzzz

Tim Tebow was brought to my attention by Jared in his response to this post. The guy is a freak of nature! He is 6'3" 217lbs and last year, as a high school JUNIOR, he set Florida state high school records with 4,304 passing yards, 5,576 total offensive yards and, GET THIS, 70 TOTAL TOUCHDOWNS!!!! This guy is amazing. The good news is that his parents are both Gator alumns and they say that Florida is at the top of his list of potential schools! What's even cooler about the guy is that he is a believer who spends two weeks each summer in a 3rd world country (this year it was the Phillipines) with his family serving people who need assistance. He also happens to be homeschooled which is sweet! Come to Gainesville Tim!!!! (please)

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