Low-cost help for pastors

I love to find creative ways to use media in the church. As a guy who spent time working in marketing, and has a passion for it as well, I know that word of mouth is by far the most substantial method of advertising. One of the things we try and do at Frederick is find creative ways to promote word of mouth marketing. I was reading, not too long ago, Mark Batterson's blog and came across a great idea about using invite cards in a unique way. We took the concept and applied it to our local setting and came up with a very exciting idea, I believe. I wanted to share it with you in case you would like to use it in your church.This is an idea that can be used in any size church for almost no cost. I saw that my friend Chris Forbes posted something very similiar this morning so it reminded me to post our idea here.

We created, using our own software, some invite cards that were the size of business cards. We then submitted them to VistaPrint.com (who we use constantly - and you should too) and had them printed in full color, front and back and we even had the front side covered in a glossy finish which created a very cool and professional product! We ordered 5,000 of them and after using a 25% off coupon, we spent much less than $100. We keep them in our lobby for our folks at Frederick to hand out as they go through their day. The gas station clerk, the waiter, the mailman, they are all candidates to get an invitation to our church! It's so simple, so cost effective and so powerful! I've included examples of what we made below. I hope you can use the idea in your church as well. 

The front of our Invite Cards
The back of our Invite Cards