Links I like // April 12, 2012

Every day I run across a few specific links, articles, videos and more than I think might be helpful and encouraging to you as you walk through your day. I thought it might be helpful to occasionally compile a few of these and offer them to you. With that said, enjoy.

  1. "Why accepting Jesus in your heart is superstitious & unbiblical" - David Platt David Platt, when speaking at the Verge Conference dealt with the popular form of evangelism that is practiced by the dominant majority of evangelicals. He goes on to argue that we are unfortunately turning people away from Jesus, rather than to Him. Take 3 minutes and check out this powerful little video.
  2.  4 Things Every Kid Needs to Know About the Bible - Trevin Wax Trevin Wax is the editor for the forthcoming "The Gospel Project" curriculum option that LifeWay is offering. At Frederick we are very excited about this curriculum and are looking forward to using it. In this short little article Trevin speaks to 4 foundational truths that provide the foundation for their children's curriculum. Take a few minutes and see why this curriculum is generating such excitement.
  3. Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death Defying Missions - David Platt Today we'll feature two pieces offered by David Platt. On Wednesday night at "Together for the Gospel" Platt preached this message on missions, a message that Ligon Duncan has already called "The best sermon on missions he's ever heard." If you don't have the opportunity to watch the video, you can access the audio here.
  4. Discipleship is Messy - Jonathan Dodson Dodson does a fantastic job describing our missteps in the process of making disciples. He challenges us to understand that the disciplemaking process is not nearly as linear and neat as we would like it to be. The following quote gives you something of a taste for the article.

    Fortunately, the gospel is big enough to handle my failures, and Jesus is forgiving enough for my distortions of what it means to follow him. In fact, the gospel of grace is so big and strong that it has reshaped my understanding of discipleship.

  5. The Biggest Announcement the Martin Lloyd-Jones Trust Will Ever Make  The Martin Lloyd-Jones Trust announced at Together for the Gospel that they are making all 1,600 + MLJ sermons available online for free. Take advantage of this one.