Here's a few links that have caught my attention lately.

  •, this site allows you to purchase, and download mp3's of your favorite Christian books. For someone on the run, this is a great way to consume Christian literature via your ipod or mp3 player. What's even better is that each month they offer a different book for free. This month is Confessions by Augustine! Check it out.
  • Ranking the SBC blogosphere. My friends Ed Stetzer and Les Puryear have played around a bit, trying to rank the blogs that exist in SBC life. I don't write a whole lot anymore about SBC issues, but I still get a decent amount of traffic, which is appreciated.
  • My buddy Art Rogers is writing on the Missional Church. He's produced an interesting series of articles. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • For the next two days I'll be at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri enjoying the Leadership Summit which is the brainchild of Bill Hybels and Willow Creek. Get to hear from Hybels, Craig Groeschel,  John Burke, Chuck Colson and more!
  • Got some tickets from my friend Tom Brager today to go watch the Royals and Twins on Friday night. They include an incredible parking pass and tickets in the lower level, down the third base line. I always love a game at Kaufman Stadium.
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