Leaving.....on a church bus...

Well, it's not exactly John Denver but it is reflective of what's going on for me. I'm leaving tomorrow morning for two intense days of team building, vision casting and unity development with our staff. Please pray for us as we go that this would be a powerful opportunity for our staff to grow together, unite around a common vision, and prepare for the coming year. I'll plan to blog when I return as I'm assuming we won't have internet at our retreat center. In related news, we have signed a contract for the sale of our home and signed a contract for the purchase of a new home. Both have been real signs of God's sovereignty at work in our lives and we are incredibly grateful for both experiences. This continues to be an exciting transition and one which appears to be strongly blessed by God.  Pray for us now as we scramble to close on both houses a week from Friday, October 26th. Unfortunately I'll be out of town for almost half that time and Tracy will have to tie up any loose ends with the banks and also do a lot of packing while watching out for the girls.

I'll see you in a couple of days.

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