Kudos to James Smith

I have said some things that have been rather critical of James Smith, Editor of the Florida Baptist Witness, here on my blog. In keeping with fair, and respectful journalism, it is only fair that I give him credit where it is due.

First of all, Smith is the only state Baptist newspaper editor that I know of that has requested a blogger to respond, in writing, to the claims made by others against bloggers. Smith did so and the resulting article appeared last week in the Witness. Thank you, to Mr. Smith, for his desire to promote balanced reporting.

Beyond that, however, I am personally encouraged by his editorial that was posted online today concerning Frank Page's presidency. His call for Southern Baptist's to attempt to appreciate and follow Page's leadership is much needed. In addition, his call for those who would present an opposition candidate next year at the annual meeting to "stand down" is much needed. It is my hope that many would hear, and heed, his cautious, thoughtful and accurate words.