Kermit Gosnell : A horror story unfolds

kermit-gosnell_originalKermit Gosnell is currently on trial. He has been accused of murder after the abortion clinic that he owned was inspected and found to be a place of unimaginable horror. The testimonies, this week, of his former employees (many of whom have already been convicted of serious felonies for their involvement in this little house of horrors) are almost unimaginable. Infant beheadings. Severed baby feet in jars. A childscreaming after it was delivered alive during an abortion procedure. These are among just a few of the unbelievably disturbing claims that are being leveled at Gosnell. In spite of that, it would not be a surprise if you have not yet heard of any of this as almost every major media outlet has refused to report on this trial, at least as of this writing. This seems almost impossible to understand. I saw one person yesterday who suggested that this kind of behavior, if it had been done to puppies in a veterinary clinic, would be front page news, and yet because it is about an abortion clinic, we hear almost nothing. Thankfully USA Today and NBC have come forward with stories. I would encourage you to read what they have written. Beyond that, the short video below will also help shed light on what has occurred. Abortion is quite possibly the most horrific of all evils across the spectrum of the USA since our country was founded. In spite of its horror, what has gone on in Kermit Gosnell's facility takes abortion to a whole new level of evil. It is so horrific, it seems that to me, that even the most strident abortion supporter should find it appalling. For those of us who oppose abortion, let us never forget what is occurring under the guise of protection of a personal right to privacy, and let us pray for those involved. May God forgive us.

*Warning* The articles posted, and the video below, feature horrific and disturbing details.

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