Jumpin Jehosophat

Ok, I know it seems strange to admit it, but I'm a Kansas City Royals fan. I'm not just a little fan either. I love the Royals. I listen to almost every game on the radio, if I'm not in attendance at Kaufman Stadium. I eat up all the minor league reports I can. I read at least 3 Royals blogs a day. I love the Royals. That may say something about my mental aptitude, but let's not go down that road. ;-)

Anyway, I'm very excited (as usual) about the upcoming season. Only 6 days until Opening Day! Yesterday, though, our very speedy reserve outfielder, Joey Gathright, made an amazing play that I had to share with you. The video is posted below, if you haven't seen it yet. Keep in mind that the guy he's jumping over is 6'1" tall. This is an incredible play.

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