John Haley :: Worship

johnhaley.jpgI am writing this post on Saturday night so that it will publish early Monday morning. I am not around right now, as I'm in a van heading to Wisconsin to look at a possible missions partnership. I wanted to introduce you, however, to one of my favorite people in the world. Shortly after I arrived at Missouri Valley I knew that we would need someone to help us in our transition from a musical perspective. God introduced me to John Haley, who has no formal music training but has a Business undergrad and an M.Div. John's grasp on the Bible and theology made him an amazing songwriter and worship leader. God blessed us with John's giftedness for 3 years and then moved him on. What made John particularly unique, was his ability to take whatever topic I was teaching on at the time and write a powerful worship song to accompany that series. It made for an interesting, and very effective, worship experience. We are bringing John in to St. Joe in two weeks to lead worship for a Men's night out along with former NFL cornerback, Ray McElroy. I'm excited for our folks to get to meet John.

John has given me permission to post a song for you to listen to. It's actually one of the first songs that John ever wrote. It's based on Philippians 1:9-10, Matthew 6:33 and Matthew16:24. He recorded it in his hometown of Athens, GA.

If you are ever looking for a dynamic, biblically driven, wonderfully talented worship leader for an event, I would highly recommend John. I know you will be blessed by the experience.