Jaw dropping

espn360_screen.jpg I found an amazing new toy today and I really, really like it. I was checking out the scores on ESPN.com this morning as I tried to see what was going on with my Gators when I saw a link that said "Watch on 360". I was intrigued so I clicked on it and lo and behold up popped the greatest thing since sliced bread. Thankfully my internet provider offers ESPN360. 360 is a new feature that ESPN offers that allows you to watch a variety of sporting events live via your internet connection on your computer. This morning, since my family is gone, I enjoyed laying in bed with my laptop in my lap watching my Gators pound the Owls of FAU. Not only that, but as I type I am watching Tennessee and Vanderbilt while I am also watching 5 additional games, on smaller screens, below the main UT vs. VU game. What a great innovation! I am overwhelmed with sports options. For a guy who doesn't have cable tv and who can only get ABC, this is truly an amazing feature. I'm afraid I'm going to be addicted. ;-)