It's a wrap on a great Sunday!

It's the end of another Sunday and what a good Sunday it was! When you look at numbers it wasn't incredible, in fact we had the lowest attendance of the year I believe. It seems that summer vacation has hit us hard. In spite of that, however, we had a phenomenal day. It was exciting to watch as God moved in our hearts as we took the Lord's Supper together. I'm always profoundly moved by the opportunity we have to remember His sacrifice. The choir rocked this morning! Wow! They sang Thou Oh Lord for the second time and I am blown away every time I hear them perform it. I've had it in my head all day and I can't stop singing it. I found a video of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir singing it, in case you're not from Frederick, and they do well but they're not as good as Chad and our Celebration Choir. Man, I am in awe every time I hear this. If you're listening to it for the first time, it starts a bit slow but the second half of the song will knock your socks off. There was a time when I just didn't like choirs in church very much but I'll tell you what, Chad and our choir have changed my mind. When they begin our services they do a phenomenal job of setting the table and preparing our hearts for worship. Thanks choir!

It was a privilege to watch as God brought one family and another individual to join the Frederick family this morning. I'm always thrilled to watch as God brings more people to be a part of what He's doing at Frederick!

For some reason God's presence really seemed strong as I taught this morning. There are days when I struggle through messages and then there are days when it seems as if God is really speaking and it's easy to move through the message. This morning was exciting as I taught about the church at Philadelphia. I'm working on uploading the video from the message given in the second service and I'm hoping to have it posted in the morning.

We got the privilege of spending this afternoon with our band and worship team enjoying lunch together which was a privilege. I love spending time with the special people that God is using at our church in powerful ways!

The day ended just right as Tracy and I sat on our front porch and watched our girls chase and catch lightning bugs. The little things like that are the best parts of life. We finished up with our girls by sharing in our devotion time and we just put them down for the night.

I hope that your Sunday was as good as ours was!