It's a [Sunday] wrap...

Well, as usual Sunday was phenomenal! What a great day at Frederick! This morning's worship was among the best I've ever experienced at Frederick. Big thanks to Chad and the Worship Team who work so hard to lead us into God's presence. dsc05412.gifAlso, the Smith family did a wonderful job getting the Worship Center ready for the new Bible & the Bush series. It looked great when you walked in today. I recently told them that I wanted those in the audience to not only hear the message, but see it as well and they hit a home run with their decorating. You can click on the picture to the right to see it enlarged.

It was also exciting to have another young family join with us at Frederick! I am so thankful for all the new faces God is bringing us, but He seems to be sending us a number of young families, in particular. I'm very excited about that!

The men's cake sale fundraiser for the youth was this afternoon. If you weren't there, you need to know that my cake won a trophy! Now, in all fairness I guess I should admit that it's because it was voted the ugliest cake, but I'll take the trophy none-the-less. To be honest, I was really upset last night when the cake didn't come out looking right. I've attached some pictures that Tracy took in between her laughter that was so hard she was gasping for air. She was amused. I was not.

Oh well, the money is going to help some of our Students on an upcoming mission trip, although I had to buy my own cake in order for it to make some money. I should add that although it looks horrible, it tastes incredible!