Is the Cooperative Program worthy of Sacrifice?

Over the past few weeks I have spent some time writing about the Cooperative Program and the changes I think need to be forthcoming. I have long loved my Southern Baptist family, and have had a great appreciation for what we do as a convention, together. Last September my good friend Nathan Finn and I began talking about a specific concern we had, in respect to churches giving to the CP. We began talking about writing an article together, and after a long wait, we finally published that article today. It is entitled "Is the Cooperative Program worthy of Sacrifice?" You can read it at In addition, if you want to see some excellent short videos that can help introduce folks to the CP, I’d recommend checking out the Cooperative Program website. There are some promotional videos, as well as brief testimonies from Russ Moore, Ed Stetzer, and Quincy Jones. The website also includes other resources that you can use to educate your congregation about the CP.

But first things first: go to Between the Times and read “Is the Cooperative Program Worthy of Sacrifice?