Insufficient and Unnacceptable

After having waited for the official report of the MBC Executive Committee, and after having read said report, let me now say that if this is the substance of the claims against David Clippard then the process of terminating him was both unfair and, I would maintain, unbiblical. I find the report to be wholly insufficient to satisfy the need for such immediate, and covert action against Clippard. Hear me say that I am not claiming that the EC should not have taken some action up with Clippard. They may well have had grounding to do so. However, to fail to allow Clippard to address the Board at large, to terminate him in such a speedy manner, and to do all of the above in private, behind closed doors, will NOT be deemed sufficient by many, many Missouri Baptist's. There may have been a day when we trusted leadership to simply make the right decision. There may have been a day when we would have heard a report like this and simply acknowledge that tho! se involved surely "did the right thing." Those days of institutional loyalty without accountability are gone. There must be accountability for our actions and in this case, unfortunately, while the MBC Exec. Committee was clamoring for Clippard to have more accountability they brushed off that same accountability for themselves. That is extremely unfortunate.

All I can hope is that this surely is not all that there is to the findings against Clippard? If it is so then may God forgive us for the unfortunate behavior that we have engaged in.

[To read the report, click here]