IMPACT 2008 :: Updated

I have recently shared about the upcoming IMPACT 2008 SBC Small Church Leadership Conference to be held next March in Lewisville, North Carolina. Other than the fact that Les rearranged the schedule and I now have to speak directly after SBC President, Dr. Frank Page, I'm very excited about Les' heart and passion for small church leadership. Our convention needs more proactive leaders like him. I will be updating the IMPACT 2008 website soon, but wanted to share some exciting news. Conference founder,  Les Puryear,  has received generous donations from some larger churches who have agreed to scholarship small church pastors who cannot afford to attend the conference. This includes airfare, hotel, rental car and registration fee. I share this for two reasons.

  • First, if you are a small church leader who can genuinely not afford to attend, I would recommend that you contact Les to inquire about a scholarship. You can do so by emailing him here.
  • Secondly, if you are from a larger church and can afford to help scholarship even one pastor, please consider doing so. God has blessed you with resources and to use them to assist churches that do not have those same resources would be an incredibly strong statement on your behalf that you are more concerned about Kingdom growth than you are the growth of a personal kingdom. If you are interested, you can also email Les here.

Finally, I hear that in addition to the other great sponsors that this conference has recieved support from, there are a few additional significant sponsors that appear ready to join and the announcements should be forthcoming. Be watching!