I'm thankful

As Thanksgiving Day approaches I've begun to take a few minutes to step back and think about what I'm thankful for. The list is far too long to write. I am truly a man blessed beyond my worth. At the top of the list, however, sits my wife who is everything I am not. Her compassion, faithfulness, persistent love and forgiving spirit along with her beauty blesses me every day. I'm in love more now than I was the day we married. My daughters come behind her just a bit. Their infectious enthusiasm, love for me and most of all their love for Jesus often takes my breath away. I don't deserve those two little girls and I'm so incredibly grateful for them. Beyond that I get the privilege of serving Jesus as the pastor of a wonderful church. They continue to be patient with me while I continue to be a flawed pastor. Their gracious invitation two years ago to serve as their pastor has been one of the most surprising, undeserved and yet encouraging blessings of my life. Standing above all others, however, is Jesus. As I get older I grow in my amazement at the depths of God's grace and love that He extends towards me. There is nothing this Thanksgiving that I am more thankful for than my relationship with God and the ability that I have to follow Him, serve Him and let the world know about Him.

As time goes by I seem to find that music has an increasingly powerful way of communicating truth. Although he has been around for quite sometime I have recently found myself discovering Fernando Ortega and his music. One song in particular sums up my thankfulness for Christ this Thanksgiving. As you celebrate with your family and friends this week I hope you will hear this song and be encouraged as well.


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