Helping the Pesina Family

Thursday night our lovely town of St. Joseph was hit by a small tornado. By most accounts the damage was confined to a small area. The Pesina family, however, was hit the hardest. They rented the upstairs apartment in a building in which the bottom floor was unoccupied. They lived there with their 9 children until the tornado lifted the home of its foundations and set it back down. Most of the family was inside the house and one child was hit by a television. Otherwise, however, the family escaped harm. They did, though, lose everything that they owned. In response to this tragedy, churches across St. Joseph are beginning to rally around this family to help show them the love of Christ. There is an effort underway to help find the family permanent housing. Whether that be a home that can be purchased affordably or some land that a small home could be built on, many are trying to help this family have a place to live.

I want to encourage you to consider what you can do to help. Our church will be considering ways that we can help meet the families needs. I do now, as well, that an immediate need is a place to live until a permanent solution can be arrived at.

A website has been setup to provide information so that you can be involved. I would encourage you to run over and see if there is a way that you can jump in and help. The site is located at

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