Helpful resources

I found these two helpful resources today that I wanted to pass along. It should be noted that they are wholly unrelated to each other. :-) piper_dg.gif

The first resource is  an article by John Piper on the biblical statements concerning elders within the church. As a lifelong Southern Baptist, the concept of elders in the church was a foreign one to me until about 10 years ago. As I began to study God's word on my own, however, I began to be more convinced of the importance of a plurality of elders within the New Testament church. I now serve in a church that is led by a body of elders whom I respect greatly and who are being blessed by God in their efforts. If you are interested in the concept of biblical elders at all, I would recommend this article to you.

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The second resource is a great idea for anyone who is working on church facilities. At our church we are opening our newest building project on Easter Sunday (if you're in the area, join us for service, Grand Opening and continental breakfast), and we are getting started on our next project which includes the completion of our children's facility, our youth facility, adult classrooms, dining hall and kitchen. Anyway, I'm one of those geeks who is always interested in what's out there for church facility design and ran across an article on dealing with the 7 most innovative new church designs across the country. It's fascinating stuff.

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