He calls us freaks!

Fred Phelps, from Westboro Baptist Church, has chosen to call the Southern Baptist Convention freaks (and a whorehouse, a dog kennel, a leper colony, creeps, idiots, not to mention dolts). I'll have to agree that anyone who attends a convention will probably come to the conclusion that we're a little bit freakish for themselves, but hopefully for a different reason! :-)
Moving along, though. Phelps and his minions will be picketing the convention in Greensboro to complain about Southern Baptists. John Stickley and I will try to capture part of it on video and provide it for you. It's looking more and more like it might be a really fun week! Oh, and to top it off, it looks as if Condoleezza Rice will be speaking in person at the convention on Tuesday morning at 10am. That should be interesting/exciting.