Guilty as charged!

Isobel (btw, I don't know who you are?) has made a good point that I have not mentioned my wife enough yet! I am extremely sorry both to you and to her. She is the most wonderful part of my life. I met Tracy while I was in my 2nd semester in college and she was a senior in high school. We dated for about 3 years before I asked her to marry me. We were married in May of 2000 and since that time she has put up with me moving her 6 times in 5 years.

Tracy is the most amazing woman in the world. Not only is she a tireless mother who takes phenomenal care of Grace, she is also a good cook, a great accountant, a fantastic wife and my best friend. She keeps our house clean, keeps me on schedule and keeps me from clashing when I go out in public.

Most of all, however, she loves me and loves God! I am blessed to be loved by her. I am not the easiest guy in the world to live with and she does, and amazingly even seems happy about it! My life is much richer because she is part of it!

God thank you for giving me Tracy!

I'm at work so I can't place the picture I want in this post but if you would like to see my beautiful wife check out this link!

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