Good Music for your Monday

I tend to be somewhat eclectic in my musical tastes. Although I listen to sports radio more than anything else in my car, if I am listening to music it would be hard for anyone to guess what I might be listening to at any given time. From country to classical, I really enjoy a wide variety. This past week I was turned on to the music of hip-hop artist, shai linne. Although I'll have to admit that I'm generally skeptical of "Christian" hip-hop, I've been blown away by shai linne's music. To say that listening to a hip-hop musician produce music with amazing theological depth who loves to talk about guys like Charles Spurgeon and is currently reading John Newton is surreal would probably be something of an understatement.  I've posted one of his songs below entitled "High Priest". I would really encourage you to check out his site, and consider picking up some of his music. I just added some of his music to my ipod and I can't wait to listen to more.

I'f you like the music, the good news is that you can download it for free! By going to and entering in the contact info for 5 friends, they will allow you to download 4 of shai linne's songs for free!

[audio: Priest.mp3]

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