God’s will?

I've thought a lot about God's will. It's a topic you hear a lot about when you're living in the Bible belt. It's a topic you don't hear a lot about outside that geographic area. I remember a time when I was so concerned with knowing and following "God's will" that I was scared to take a step in case I was stepping in the wrong direction. The more I study it, though, and the more I listen to others teach about it I'm becoming convinced that we've often times become to much like the mystics in our overinfatuation with the concept of "God's will." Now, hear me out on this one. I'm not saying that we should not desire to understand what God wants for our lives and then to do that. I am saying, however, that maybe God isn't so nitpicky as many of us maybe have thought. I really am beginning to get the idea that God wants us to simply be as close to Him as possible, i.e., spiritual intimacy, and then to simply live our lives and trust that He is in control. Now obviously this doesn't allow for ridiculous decision making. (I love God and the pot looked really good so I smoked it) Obviously there are guidelines for living biblically. However, if we are living biblically and we are walking close to God, His desires become our desires and I believe we don't have to live so "mystically" but rather, just live.